for Informed Fundraising Management

ABI Management Reporting

 “This is the information our board expects to see. We are confident that we have the ability to use information to present and support decision making.” 


ABI reporting and dashboards enable a shared understanding of information and improve communication and decision making at every level.  

  • Determine, monitor and forecast progress against realistic fundraising performance goals.
  • Better understand & communicate trends and drivers of fundraising success.
  • Provide the challenging management reports needed to support and oversee major gift fundraisers.
  • Effectively monitor and communicate progress to the goals of comprehensive capital campaigns.

ABI Data and Reporting Platform

  “By implementing carefully well thought out, well designed ABI reports, we could leapfrog years ahead. We are able to share useful meaningful reports with our users, and our back-end developers have saved years of time.” 

The ABI platform is newly designed specifically to address the challenges of effective fundraising management reporting and analytics. 

  • Apply your institution-specific policies and business rules for consistency of results, reduced errors, and increased productivity of report developers and analysts.
  • Decrease effort and risk associated with CRM system upgrades, CRM replacement, and the development of data extracts, feeds & interfaces.
  • Enhance and tailor the database & reports to your specific needs.  ABI isextendible, customizable, and built upon high-performing & cost-effective Microsoft ® SQL Server technology.


Raising Insight Consulting Services

   "Our CRM databases contain a wealth of data and provide opportunity to guide our actions with insight into the nature of our alumni, donors, and prospects. Unfortunately it can be very difficult to extract information from them."


Raising Insight professional services include data warehouse and reporting implementation services, such as

  • Report design & development
  • Requirements analysis
  • Training
  • ETL development and maintenance
  • Interfaces to and from other applications and data sources

Raising Insight also provides management and operational consulting, particularly related to CRM replacement projects and for advancement IT strategic planning. 

Raising Insight Community - Collaboration

  “The work being done by other institutions sharing this platform provides valuable ‘thought-starters’ for us.  Sharing and exchanging insights from best practice institutions gives us the ability to adopt and evolve rapidly. As a cohort, discussing the problems we are each trying to solve drives each of us to new innovation" 



Every user institution is committed to the exchange of leading practice and advancing their respective operations.

The result is an extraordinarily focused dialog and pursuit of ongoing innovations - innovations that are driven by the opportunities being addressed by the most sophisticated fundraising and development organizations.



Institutions using the ABI platform and other solutions from Raising Insight are an active and ongoing collaborative community.

Users discuss emerging trends, exchange insights, and share report and analysis solutions. An online site specific to the user community facilitates distribution of content and material.

The community of ABI users maintains close contact with each other and are 'go to' resources. Their inputs, combined with those of the Raising Insight team, contribute to the ongoing evolution of the platform. Users exchange reports and visual presentation formats, identify trends and needs, and discuss how to adapt to the continually growing number of mobile and social resources that are of interest to fundraising professionals.

The concentrated focus of the discussion yields what many participants have identified as their most valuable network resource.

Annual Meeting


In addition to on line meetings and gatherings at industry specific conferences, the ABI users meet periodically to exchange insights and information. 

Join us at the 2019 Raising Insight Meeting.

Find out more about the 2019 Raising Insight Meeting